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Formed in 2010, LabPop was born online, but spilled into the offline world. Throughout its existence, LabPop has excelled in many areas such as media relations, video production, campaigns, and crisis management, content creation for magazines and newspapers, and making announcements in different formats and on multiple platforms. The company excelled in the communications market by bringing together analysis concepts that combine monitoring, qualitative research and content models for social networks aligned with guerrilla marketing and managing ads (Google Ads, Facebook Ads).

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Music Buzz

Music Buzz is the music company of LabPop Group which focuses on all angles of the music business. The company sells shows, represents artists, produces tours and provides marketing advice to new talents. With a background in production, marketing and content generation, Music Buzz has a cast of artists that caters to various different formats. Providing 360-degree coverage with press relations, marketing, radio and TV dissemination and a muscular sales team, Music Buzz is the premier company in Brazil for Brazilian artists and bands touring in the United States and, for American stars, Music Buzz is a bridge to Brazil.

Music Buzz Music Buzz

Luciano Vianna é novo CEO da LabPop Group

Criador da festa Ploc e sócio da Music Buzz, o executivo Luciano Vianna assume a gestão no mandato 2018. É o quinto CEO do grupo – Mario Marques (2014), Christina Reis (2015), Mario Vassallo (2016) e Marcelo Reis (2017). “Vamos avançar com novos olhares sobre novos negócios”, diz Vianna.  



CEO da LabPop Group, Mario Marques vira superintendente da EBC no Rio

            O empresário Mario Marques, CEO da LabPop Group, deixou a companhia para assumir o cargo de superintendente da EBC.  Executivo do setor de comunicação,  foi publisher do Jornal do Brasil em 2008 e migrou para a área de marketing em 2009, ao virar diretor de conteúdo da agência Outdoor […]



NY Cosmos invites LabPop Group to special Q & A with Pelé

Soccer fans, especially Brazilians, know very well the legend built around Pelé, arguably the best player in the history of the sport. The King of Soccer, as he is known, did a special Q&A for the New York Cosmos this thursday (16), in Times Square, discussing the Cosmos' past, present and future. Mario Marques, CEO of LabPop Group, was invited by the club to attend this press conference.




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