Rock in Rio 2015: Music Buzz’s first stop

Rock in Rio 2015: Music Buzz’s first stop

Music Buzz, a LabPop Group company, is on Rock in Rio 2015 with two very different artists. George Israel, who will perform at the Rock Street and the World Stage, has a successful history with Kid Abelha and is now a prestigious solo artist; João Sabiá, respected singer and songwriter, flies high with his Brazilian jazz in “Nossa Copacabana”. Their booking in Rock in Rio is not by chance. Music Buzz has a worldwide focus on major festivals, particularly in the United States, where the company has an office based in New York.

“Ever since we started our operations, we were researching festivals all around the world, in all genres and niches. And, of course, we couldn’t be left out of Rock in Rio”, says Marcelo Reis, one of the partners of the company.

George Israel will perform in two dates: 9/18 (opening the festival, alongside other Brazilian artists), and 9/26, at the Rock Street stage. João Sabiá, on the other hand, will perform his new album, “Nossa Copacabana”, released by record company Coqueiro Verde.

“On Music Buzz’s first year, we were able to establish relations with all the major festivals around the world and, in 2016, we expect it to grow even further”, says Luciano Vianna, Music Buzz’s partner. “I am fully confident that George Israel and João Sabiá will open more doors in other festivals”.

The company’s third partner, Mario Marques, is in New York tracking new business opportunities and believes that the USA will be a monthly stage for Music Buzz. “If Brazilian artists want to tour in the USA, they have to go to Music Buzz”.