NY Cosmos invites LabPop Group to special Q & A with Pelé

NY Cosmos invites LabPop Group to special Q & A with Pelé

Soccer fans, especially Brazilians, know very well the legend built around Pelé, arguably the best player in the history of the sport. The King of Soccer, as he is known, did a special Q&A for the New York Cosmos this thursday (16), in Times Square, discussing the Cosmos’ past, present and future. Mario Marques, CEO of LabPop Group, was invited by the club to attend this press conference.

On saturday (18), Pelé will be joined by German legend Franz Beckenbauer, one of the Cosmos’ many past stars, at the 2015 Spring Season home opener alongside Italian striker Giorgio Chinaglia and other great players of the 70’s who helped to popularize both the club and soccer itself in America. After Pelé left, in 1977, the club faced major crisis and eventually folded in 1985. In 2010, the club was reborn and, in 2013, joined the North American Soccer League, that is now a second division league in the US and Canada.

Pelé believes that, in order for the Cosmos to reach new heights, the solution is easy: win tournaments, build a stadium and build a very skilled roster.

“First, they have to win tournaments, championships. Second, they have to make a good team,’’ Pelé told The New York Post. “Of course, in my time, we had the best players, but the first year was a little complicated. Then we organized an excellent team with [Franz] Beckenbauer, Carlos Alberto, Giorgio Chinaglia”.

“Then the Cosmos became known, well-known, all over the world. That I think is what the Cosmos need to do”, said Pelé. “They need to get some known, good players, and to win. That is very important. They have now two good players in Raul and [Marcos] Senna. But I say this is not enough to make a good team: They must have excellent players”.

“Through Futebol 360, our sports marketing company, LabPop Group is looking very closely for opportunities in the US and in Brazil”, says Henrique Serra, Futebol 360’s executive director. “Soccer is blooming in the US and we are very excited to connect Brazilian players, clubs and tradition with this newfound American passion”.